Budha Building is the artistic name of Hans Timmermans. His core business: making music for all kinds of different projects. His sound is mainly organic with a variety of influences depending on the people he is working with or for. His own releases are a combination of compositions used before and unique compositions just for Budha Building specified by his exclusive signature. Sphere is a main element.
On this site you can find all the releases of Budha Building: music and video. You can download everything for the amount you choose.
To get an idea, you can listen / see some of his work by picking one of the releases below:
cd purpose front small
I present to you my short album (EP) ‘Purpose’ in a more Chillstep style. With my organic, ethnical or colourfull sounds and sphere, I hope you get drawn into a ethnnic journey. Without a doubt there will also be elements of dance, electronic and dubstep on this new release giving this release its very own character. On this release I collaborated with Leon van Egmond. He plays on 3 of the 7 songs with his trombone and harmonica. His sounds blend perfectly in these cinematic tracks. Hope you enjoy this music.